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Illustrations for “Faleze de Piatra” magazine

Three of my paintings: ” Dream” , “Meeting eachother” and “Blue kite and 2 swiming elephants” were chosen, by its editors for “Faleze de piatra” magazine of poetry and proza.
“La rascruce”  writer Nick Sava, artist Corina Raiciu- “Meeting eachother”

“La vanatoare cu Labis” writen by Lucian Gruia, artist Corina Raiciu-” Dream”

“Nu poti zbura decat de pe un promotoriu inalt”, interview by  Simona Antohi-Mocanu  with  Fanus Neagu, artist Corina Raiciu- “Blue kite and 2 swimming elephants”

6x6x2010 Exchibition at Rochester Center New York

6x6x2010 is the third exhibition of thousands of original artworks, made and donated by celebrities, international and local artists, designers, college students and me. Each artwork is 6×6 inches square and signed only on the back, to be exhibited anonymously. Beginning June 5 at 8pm artworks will be for sale to the public at Rochester Contemporary Art Center. Artists’ names will be revealed to the buyer only upon purchase and all artworks will remain on display for the duration of the exhibition.6x6x2010 will consist of 5,000 artworks by 2,000 artists from 22 countries and 43 US states! Beginning June 7, all artworks can be viewed and purchased online at