Corina Raiciu PAINTINGS

Contemporary Fine Art


MeCorina Angela Raiciu, artist painter and photographer.  Now MA in Fine Art at UNAB.

Paint with your heart, forget the goal, just focus on the process and accomplished happiness when working the material, try colour and gesture!


Born and live in Bucharest, Romania.

Other countries of short residence: Norway ( near Oslo ), Germany (Freiburg and Bonn).

Documentations short trips in Paris, Amsterdam, Istanbul and Bursa,  Berlin, Island of Crete, Venice and Africa.

Planing to research  India.

Studies in Psichology , BA and MA and in Fine Arts in Bucharest, Romania, BA ( class Prof. G. Moscal, student of Vasile Grigore) and  now, MA ( class. Prof. Alexandru Chira-

Exchibitions under exchibition section.

Artistic camps under camps section.

Member cofoundator in artistic group of  painters called Compound Eye, since 2008.

Member AIAP ( International Professional Artists), Paris, under UNESCO.

Member on different international artistic groups like Artists for Freedom, WAF (Word Art Foundation-SUA )


  Maheshwar N. Sinha wrote @

hi Corina,

paintings and photo are great, I’m impressed!



  corinaraiciu wrote @

Hy Maheshwar! thank you!

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