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Portofolio :-”Journey 2010 ”

Since summer 2009, I started a new Journey project, as portrayed in these pictures. It is about a journey with an elephant, sometimes two or more, which are very connected with the pure souls of children. They communicate beyond words by connecting their minds, using telepathy. I started to dream about elephants and India , and about the day I’ll get there. I tried to create peace and harmony in my pictures as a protest against violence.  Different books and movies like Ashes and Snow, inspired me very much during this project. I work mostly with oil on canvas, but also use mixed techniques like watercolours, markers and oil on one canvas. This journey is also about meeting our inner self and the power we have inside while being creative .

A red elephant and a black  elephant swimming under a blue kite, 100x100cm, oil/canvas, 2010

Together.Friends.100×100, oil/canvas Dream, acuarela, oil/canvas, 40×40 cmMeeting eachother, 100x100cm, oil/canvasThe Journey to a better land, 100x100cm, oil/canvas

Meeting eachother,100x100cm, oil/canvas and charcoal


Place for playing, 70x70cm, oil/canvas, 2010, in private colection,


  Roberto Edmanson-Harrison wrote @

Hi Corina,

Thanks for the response.

Interesting work, I like your use of colour and tone. I am a little curious what significance the Elephant is within the works design?



  corinaraiciu wrote @

Hi Roberto, thanks for the visit & coment. I wrote more about elephant and my work here.

  2010 in review « Corina Raiciu PAINTINGS wrote @

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