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International art camp Kabile, septembrie 2011

Salonul Artelor Bucuresti 2011

Over the rainbow…



EBiennale Geroge Enescu, septembrie, 2011

The [ good], the [bad] & the [ugly], featuring the [beauty]

Salonul mic Bucuresti, editia a-V-a, 2011

Latitude magazine, first issue

Anna Kroeger , a young german journalist, based in Uk, start her own magazin about travel. Congratulation Anna!!! Great work!!

In the section about Art and what means Home for an artist, she mentioned also my work ”Dream”  and my dreamy ideeas. Thank you Anna!!
look for page 46

Featured Artist

This week  i’ve been choosen the featured artist by  Carolyn Edlund on her american blog.

Here is the interview :