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Salonul Artelor Bucuresti 2011

Over the rainbow…



Painting exchibition- 12 DINTRE ” ASTIA”

Group exchibition at Orizont Gallery , Bucharest, open between 21 oct- 2 november 2010.  Openning at 5pm on 21october.

Illustrations for “Faleze de Piatra” magazine

Three of my paintings: ” Dream” , “Meeting eachother” and “Blue kite and 2 swiming elephants” were chosen, by its editors for “Faleze de piatra” magazine of poetry and proza.
“La rascruce”  writer Nick Sava, artist Corina Raiciu- “Meeting eachother”

“La vanatoare cu Labis” writen by Lucian Gruia, artist Corina Raiciu-” Dream”

“Nu poti zbura decat de pe un promotoriu inalt”, interview by  Simona Antohi-Mocanu  with  Fanus Neagu, artist Corina Raiciu- “Blue kite and 2 swimming elephants”